Executive coaching

Executive leadership coaching is 1:1 coaching with a focus on identifying, training and reinforcing knowledge-creating behaviour.

The use of effective questions as well as deep psychological insight establishes the foundation for improved self-awareness, improved ability for critical reflection, accelerated learning, better team performance and more sustainable organisational changes.

A typical coaching programme lasts 3-6 months and consists of 6-12 coaching sessions. However, it can also consist of three 45-minute blitz sessions if there is a specific problem that you need to work on.

At qb3, nearly all coaching is virtual. This is partially because we work with clients all over the world, and partially because it is an effective, flexible, more sustainable and personal way to collaborate.

Coaching can help to uncover blind angles, strengthen leadership abilities and help change behaviour that can directly affect the results of the organisation. Executive leadership coaching helps support and develop leaders, in particular when switching to new roles, facing new challenges and taking on more responsibility.

Kenneth’s coaching sessions are engaging. And they inspire you to move from potential to performance by adding structure to your conversations, meetings and change-initiatives. The way Kenneth coaches improves problem solving, goal setting and decision making. Always based on learning and playfulness.

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