Leadership coaching

Leadership coaching creates self-awareness and development by presenting challenges and offering support


Leadership coaching

At qb3, I work with leadership coaching, which is an effective tool for leadership development. Both in Denmark and in the rest of the world, I offer brief (hours and days) as well as more extensive (weeks, months and years) programmes. At the moment, I work with coaching programmes in Denmark, Europe, the Middle East and the US. Outside Denmark, I usually work via Zoom and Teams.

I work alone as well as in close collaboration with other skilled and experience coaches and with the American not-for-profit organisation Center for Creative Leadership. Find out more at ccl.org. We work with personal, relational, professional as well as sustainable aspects of leadership.

For me it is a deeply personal and professionally satisfying experience to see how professional coaching expands perspectives, inspires, challenges, supports and helps build competencies. And to see how leadership coaching helps individual leaders, the team or the entire workforce by freeing up energy, which can be used on important work that generates value.

I work with executive coaching (1:1) and team coaching. I also help individuals and the team to make sure that the leadership training that is initiated is integrated as best possible with the team and the organisation. More information on this below.

Integrated coaching

Even if you feel that the leadership workshop you just attended has been both exciting and relevant, it might be difficult to transfer the newly acquired theory to your day-to-day practice.

Coaching can ensure that the valuable experience is remembered, used and internalised during the months following the training programme you attended.

Executive coaching

1:1 coaching can help uncover blind angles and strengthen leadership behaviour. This way, it can affect individual performance as well as team results.

Executive leadership coaching supports and develops leaders effectively. This may be particularly relevant when switching to a new role, facing new challenges or when you are about to assume more responsibility.

Team coaching

A lot can happen at once when people work together in a team. Particularly when under pressure.

Results, responsibility, support, affiliation, conflicts, relationships and self-insight help determine the effectiveness and the level of trust of the team collaboration.

Team coaching equips the team for more effective and trusting collaboration.

Better conversations lead to a better culture and thus better performances in your team and your organisation

qb3 works together with a number of independent coaches and consultants as well as with an international leadership development company, which can quickly provide assistance when needed. Both in Denmark and internationally.

You already know this, so this is just a reminder. Culture in your team and organisation is far more powerful, pervasive and persistent than your strategies and vision. This is because culture is affected by the fruitful, the barren as well as the poisonous conversations in your team. Every day, week and month.

How would you characterise the conversations in your team? In your organisation?

Research as well as our collective experience reminds us that better performance is inextricably linked to better conversations. This is why the quality of your conversations is the actual foundation of your culture.

Both myself and the Center for Creative Leadership will help develop better conversations every single day. In the team and throughout the organisation.

You can find more information right here about the way CCL and I help develop better conversations.


Podcast and Blog

The blog (test-drive a tool) presents a tool in each post, which you can then use and test at work. The advantage with this blog format is not limited to the tool. It also allows you to return, again and again after experimenting with the tool, so that you can re-read the post with a new understanding.

The podcast (try an exercise) presents you with something you can try while you are listening. Some know this as mindfulness, others as focus exercises. And some of you have not heard about it yet. The aim is to train your ability to focus without letting yourself be swept away by thoughts and feelings. At the same time, you will learn to work and set goals based on what is important – particularly when things are going wrong and everything seems frustrating and difficult.

There will be an exercise per section, which will take no more than 10 minutes. Here too, the advantage is that you are not limited to listening and training once; you can come back as often as you want.

For now, this costs nothing. However, I would be very pleased to get some feedback about your experience with the tools and the exercises.

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